Case Studies

Environmental Monitoring Database

The Environmental Monitoring Database (EMD) was originally developed in 2008 for the Bulga mine in the Hunter Valley. It was a great success and has subsequently been rolled out to all of Glencore's mines in NSW (10 complexes). Currently it is being rolled out into Queensland with another 5 mines there.

The EMD was custom built for Glencore to handle their specific environmental monitoring requirements - storing millions of records including: Surface and Ground data, real-time met and air quality data, blast and noise.

Developed using SQL Server and .net it has many advanced features including complex data visualisation, wind roses, predictive charting and some geographic capabilities.

Debt Recovery System

Australian Debt Recoveries is a highly successful debt recovery agency based in Wollongong that use "state of the art systems and technology along with tried and tested collection techniques".

About 5 years ago ADR asked us to migrate their backend database to SQL Server. Once this was completed we then went on to develop a new web portal that allowed debtors to make payments, clients and staff to check progress and send messages.

We have also maintained and enhanced their Access database over that period with developments such as bulk mailing, phone-dialler, eWay Payments, Quickbooks integration and Post Office payments.

Industry Analysis Database

For CDI Pinnacle Management we have developed a new database system in Microsoft Access to analyse fruit production at an industry level using statistical techniques. Provides feedback to growers on farming techniques and best practices in the following areas:

  • Financial
  • Harvesting
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Management
  • Labour
  • Packing

Online Ecommerce

For Sally and Patricks we have built a specialist eCommerce solution that allows their customers to browse and purchase online an extensive range of products including fruit boxes, hampers, eggs and fresh produce and have it delivered to their door.

The web-based solution also helps with the order fulfillment and allows Sally and Patrick staff to take orders and payments, provides packing lists and helps plan the delivery routes.

Incentives & Asset Tracking

We have been working with Dalkia Technical Services for a number of years and provided several solutions including an incentives database that pulls in timesheet data and asks managers to approve (or reject) incentive payments. On completion it sends the finalised data to their accounts team for payment.

We also developed asset tracking systems for the Sydney and Wollongong offices that assist them in performing equipment audits on their tablet devices where they enter the data and rank the assets directly into the online database.

Online Service Creator

epray(R) is an internet subscription service "making worship planing easy" and includes an electronic lectionary, automated service creator and ebooks that are accessible via PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets.

We have been working with Broughton Publishing on a few projects now and continue to support and enhance their ePray subscription website. Currently working on an ePray app.

Machine Builder

Designed and developed a web application called the "Configurator" that allows dealers to log in and "build" custom machines (tractors etc.) by simply selecting options and following an online wizard.

They start by selecting a base model, then the options and finally any accessories. The system dynamically calculates the price in real time and on completion the user can save the quote and retrieve it later.

An online spreadsheet also allows the dealer to calculate margins, profits and apply discounts as applicable.

Building Management Database

Content meets database.

This custom mixes news, content, pictures and documentation with data listings, files and reports in a way we have not done before.

Created using our database development platform it has been customised to look very different with its own header, footer and menu that runs down the left had side.

The menu gives access to pages that contain magazine style content that is editable by the admin user as well as pure data screens with the normal filtering and export functions. The menu changes on each screen providing context sensitive options and even interacting with the data panels.