Satisfaction Guarantee

At DB Gurus we are committed to producing high quality, professional database solutions and working with you to get the right result.

We take Quality Assurance seriously at all stages of our process but even so, sometimes things still go wrong. At these times we are absolutely committed to working with you and your IT staff to resolve any issues with our solutions.

  • We guarantee we will be committed to resolving any issues found in our database solutions.
  • We will answer all enquiries in a timely and professional manner
  • All defects reported in the first 30 days (after delivery) will be fixed for free.
  • Any defects reported found after the warranty period will be fixed on a cost-only basis. You will only be charged for time and materials.
  • We will never share your intellectual property or solutions with any other party. Concepts, templates and generic functions will be reused.
  • We will never release your contact details with any person outside of our organisation.
  • We will always be professional and courteous in all our communication with you, our suppliers and our own staff.

5 Star Quality Assurance

  • Every functional specification must pass our internal quality assurance process
  • We will answer all enquiries in a timely and professional manner
  • Our solutions are thoroughly tested before being delivered
  • Regular client reviews, prototyping and progress reporting ensure you are kept up to date
  • User acceptance testing completes the cycle