System Integration

System Integration is the process of bringing together disparate systems into one shared system or combining data from multiple systems into one.

We use many technologies to create elegant solutions to leverage the power of your existing systems.

We can take data from your ERP systems, automate the processes, import the results and remove the bottlenecks to improve the overall workflow efficiency at a fraction of the cost and time it would take to have it written within the ERP system itself.

Bringing it Together

As businesses grow it is very common for different departments to choose different software and databases to manage their processes and data. This will often result in duplicate and disparate data.

We have the resources and skills to rationalise your data. We can either bring it together under a single consolidated database or create synchronisation mechanisms to ensure the various databases are kept in sync.

Documents in one system and customer information in another?

Companies value the strengths in each system; having duplicate data affects the quality of stored information.

Contact us today and we can build you an interface to help you access the shared information in one place.